Communicating Deliverables

One of the most integral parts of deploying new workstations in a network is the management of software. Whether you are rolling out completely new software packages, updated versions, or just reinstalling the old software on new machines, the more detail you can go into, the better. By getting everything down in writing ahead of time, you will better be able to visualize what you steps you need to take and you will be better prepared to communicate the decision makers what the end product will be, thereby reducing, if not eliminating any headaches.

First, take an inventory of the licensed software you currently have. Make a spreadsheet out of it. Then, look at the software you want to deploy on the workstations in your new domain. Does the business or department have new software requirements? Examine what current licenses you have and then cost out the new software. Then, put together a snapshot of what a typical workstation will have. Your network may have several different workstation configurations.

Here's an example of one that I used recently.