I’ve been using IE 7 for about three weeks now and I’ve rarely used Firefox during that time. The experience has been very satisfying. The popup blocker has been effective and the tabbed browsing is a great feature. The revamp of the buttons and the toolbars has taken a little while to get accustomed to.

The phishing filter alerts you to suspicious sites and allows you to report those you believe are phishing. It caught a Paypal phishing scheme.

Like Firefox, there’s a search window that can be set to use Google as your search engine.

My main criticism is the fact that you can close a half-a-dozen tabs at once by closing out the program, without warning. Firefox by default has the warning that you are about to turn off multiple tabs turned on.

Also, when adjusting the toolbars, the changes don’t hold for your next session, or even apply to tabs that are already open in your current session. I assume this kink will be worked out before Internet Explorer 7 is in final release.

Today, however, IE 7 crashed and wouldn’t come up at one point. Actually, while I was working on this blog, trying to open a new window. So I had to Remove IE 7, which one does in the normal fashion, after checking show updates in the Add/Remove pane. Once reinstalled, I’ve not had any problems.

One more thing, although a right-click on a link will bring up a menu, offering Open in a New Tab, when right-clicking on Favorites does not allow you to open the link in a new tab.