This is Part Two in the Deployment Planning series. It would be hard to argue that these are structured, but the focus, instead, is to communicate some of the "less trod" subjects in Information Technology change and project management. These are essentially ideas and topics that may help you to more easily communicate project goals, timelines, and deliverables to those people who sign your paycheck.

Create a map of your current domain structure using Microsoft Visio, or some similar tool. Make sure that you identify workstations, servers, printers and the Internet. If you're proposing changes to computer room environment, think about displaying monitors that are shared, switches, etc. You may want to include machine names and IP addresses in your maps.

There are two versions of Visio– standard and professional. Professional offers more "IT" icons and capabilities, such as automatic mapping of a website. These are nice tools to have, though you may find you are able to create the maps you need with just standard. The example here was created using Visio Standard.

Once you've created a map of your current environment, create what things should look like once you've finished with your upgrades. Showing these two maps and walking your bosses through the process, will let them know that you've put some thought into the process and, whether you like it or not, will probably let them ask better questions about the project.