I can't tell you how many darn times Mike Bombich has saved my bacon. His website www.bombich.com has been an excellent resource for the past few years. It's awesome.

Tonight, while trying to upgrade the firmware on the household cube, in order to install a processor upgrade, the start volume failed. In order to upgrade to the 4.1.2 firmware version required for the processor upgrade, I had to have OS 9 installed on the cube. When we rescued the little darling from the office computer pound, I'd decided not to install OS 9 as it only seemed to be a waste of space.

So, I installed OS 9, or so I thought, by clicking install while inside OS X. And then I went and changed the start volume in the System Preferences. I restarted the computer and all I got was the insipid little file folder with the question mark flashing in it.

Using command keys wouldn't change the start volume and when I could boot to a cd, I couldn't find the hard drive. I suspected that the solution could be found somewhere in the firmware, although I've never played with open firmware. Googling the open firmware brought up Bombich's solution . I followed it step by step and boy am I a happy camper, indeed.

Everything is back to normal. No harm, no foul. My friend won't kill me for my mac shortcomings.

Bombich has a number of tools that are worth checking out if you are a mac admin.