Today’s email from Microsoft:

“The Windows Beta Team announces the availability of Windows Vista, Build 5231, on Microsoft Connect. This interim builds offers a view of alterations to Vista incorporating feedback gained during the testing of Beta 1 and Build 5219. This build is not beta quality but is offered as a preview or our progress towards Beta 2. This build has many references to Beta 2 in the user interface. Those references exist as we build towards the beta 2 release. 5231 is NOT Beta 2.”

“No server build will be made available.”

After furiously downloading Build 5231, we burned it onto three cds (did I mention that the Philips DVD+-RW DVD8631, sucks? more on that later) and tried to install it dual boot on to our desktop, which was running Server 2003. The install GUI on Vista is beautiful. Much cleaner and larger than anything previous. Microsoft is migrating toward this more stripped down, modern aesthetic with its installation pages and I rather like it.


install hung on the third disk. completely bottomed out. i’m bummed. had 2 try again last weekend.

well, low and behold, the second time was the charm. I realize now, that I may not have, in fact, have been patient enough. Imagine that. The install on my home PC (P4 1.7Ghz 640MB GeForce 64MB Dimension 4400) took, let’s say, an hour. Definitely more time than a Windows XP install and there were no time counters to show what could be expected. Now, we all realize that those time remaining clocks are not very accurate, but they at least provide expectation management. As I mentioned, the current install interface of Vista is cleaner, but here to a fault. There’s just this little line that creeps across the page ever so slowly. It’s annoying. And I think it’s tendency to remain static for a long period of time and then slide surreptitiously forward, caused me to give up last time. I hope that Microsoft will address this, otherwise they will get numerous support calls from people just plain fed up with trying to install Vista.

Screenshots will be provided in the next update.