Dear iTunes:

I’m totally heartbroken at the moment. I’ve been a decent devotee of Apple, although I’ve made the switch from and (kind of) back again. I know that’s better than most of the planet. I’ve actually owned Macs, back when they were Macintoshes. My family had a Mac SE, my college roomate had the Mac Classic. Within the last ten years, I even bought a used Mac LC II, which I can’t, for the life of me, think of where it is now. I had a couple of the PowerBooks (MainStreet and Lombard), and my significant other has a Cube and a 15″ Powerbook.

I know, I know, I’m not perfect. But there have been economic reasons. Mostly, because Apples are too friggin’ expensive. And, here I’m not referring to the commonly argued point that the hardware and software has a higher initial starting point than similar Windows PCs. This is certainly true, but amortize that over the long-haul of a computer’s life, and you’ll be faced with a much more palatable amount. The real cost for me has been in the jobs. It’s flipping hard to find a Mac-based job, unless you’re a graphic artist, an editor, or a university computer administrator in some wealthy country. In reality, it’s only fairly recently that OS X came out and big, important, operational software, like Oracle, were ported over.

So, I’m not perfect. I’ve fallen. But, after all, wasn’t the apple the cause of the fall?

Still, iTunes, I’ve never doubted. I’ve never even thought twice about shifting to MusicMatch or Napster or some other half-baked effort of a online music store. I’ve only thought of it as a generous and beautiful gift to us wretched souls. I even started carrying around my white cross, a while back, and then made even more of a commitment to the faith. (I just wish it played videos.)

But, then, yesterday came along and I learned that there was an Old Testament to go along with the New, that I had come to understand and believe.

I performed a clean install on my computer the other day. I thought all of my music was in my iTunes folder, safely on another drive. But, lo, my most recent download from iTunes had been saved somewhere on my C: Drive. When I connected and “associated” my iPod with my “new” computer, a process that involves wiping all the old music from the iPod and installing the new tunes, the music was gone.

Oh, iTunes, how I weep. I was trying to be good. I had even purchased classical music, unlike some recent purchases. Alas.