First off, Microsoft’s Vista doesn’t run fast enough on my computer. There was some rumor that Vista was going to boot in 30 seconds or whatever. Microsoft has played this game before. XP boots to the desktop rather quickly compared to its predecessors, but then takes an extremely long time to completely load all the drivers in the background. Vista appears to be working the same “magic.”

As for my computer, it makes no sense to upgrade using this box, as I only get USB 2.0 via a PC Card. I probably have neither enough RAM, nor enough processing power. There is neither SATA, nor PCI Express on my motherboard. And Dell insists on manufacturing its own power supplies, though they use the standard boxes, and that should be universal. I’ve kind of had it with Windows XP, in general. I suspect my next install on this machine is going to be Linux, though I’ve not yet decided which flavor. Any recommendations?

All that aside, parts will be cool when Vista is rolled out.

Here are some snapshots:

Vista Internet Explorer. Microsoft currently has two versions of Internet Explorer 7 in Beta. IE standalone, which can be run on XP, and Vista’s IE. Both come with tabbed browsing, and popup blockers. And no, it’s not the same as Explorer and Internet Explorer in XP.

Vista Taskbar. Not much has changed here. Other than the network connection icon, which is there, now, finally, by default (left of the time.)

Vista Taskbar Notification. In bright yellow, in this case, something, Vista or Symantec, is telling me that the AntiVirus (Corporate Edition 10.0) is disabled. Of course, Symantec can’t be enabled, at this point, no matter how much I try.

Vista Start Menu. Black is the new Black, apparently. The start menu has been fairly re-worked. The default Start Menu view for the current build (right), is, aside from a longer list of programs, recognizable. Clicking on All Programs (left) brings up a scrollable folder list in the white side of the start menu, eliminating the annoyingly slow pop out that was deployed in Windows XP.

Notice, that the start menu also has a lock option set as default, which replaces the “Log off” option available in Start Menus of XP and Windows 2000. To the left of the lock button, is a search field built in. How that is currently different that the Search that is in the black half of the menu, is beyond me.

There are more screenshots at Microsoft’s Windows Vista Virtual Press Room. There you can see the “Virtual Folders” and the Internet Explorer thumbnail view.