photos 9-12

This is part two of the upgrade photos from the installation of a G4 upgrade card in a Mac Cube.

photo 9 To install the fan, you need to remove a few more things, including, here the Airport antenna. What's very interesting about the Cube, is that the Airport Antenna and the fan slot were generally never used. The fan slot never was by Apple. And the Airport was only an option on the original configuration. Installation of an Airport card to the Cube, is super easy as a result. Just take the Cube out of its case. Install the card in the PC Card slot (see photo 1) and attach the antenna.

photo 10 The heat sink from the back side. This is pretty much what it looks like from the front side too, with the transfer plate removed, which I had to do to correct my system instability, later. Unfortunately, there are no photos of this.

photo 11 Side view of the now mostly deconstructed Cube, which looks remarkably like the old Federal Reserve building in Minneapolis.

photo 12 The aforementioned system instability.