Google Print is a big deal to a number of people. The media seems to really care about it, in ways that it doesn't when it looks at coverups, treason, and poverty. Perhaps the media's concern stems from self-interest, since it is comprised of people who copyright their work. Or perhaps it's because they can stay in their chairs and write up an article on this issue, whereas they'd have to do research and legwork to save us from bad people in the current administration and elsewhere. For whatever reason, it's a "big deal," and it came out, finally today.

And here's the English major quickee (and, no, that's not getting some in the library, any longer):

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. The main character is named Stephen Dedalus. Portrait is copyrighted material. Google defends copyrights by restricting some of the pages in copyrighted books.

I want to find out how many pages and, maybe there's an identifiable pattern to those being protected by Google's approach.

After logging into Google Print using my Gmail account, I did a search of "Stephen" in Portrait via that showed that Stephen showed up on 208 of the pages in the book. The copy for sale at Amazon shows 384 pages, but Google has a specific edition which looks like it caps out at 328 pages of actual Joycese and the rest is commentary or introduction.

I've gone through and listed all the pages that Google shows that "Stephen" does not appear as well as all of those Google has restricted from the onset, which have Google's bracketed notification after them. I then began looking at the remaining pages by clicking through one or two pages forward and backward, which can be done once you are viewing the copy of the page. I'd intended to create a list.

After searching through the first 8 or so pages with my login, it appears there is a flat percentage of pages that can be viewed. Those pages that were not initially listed as restricted from my search, became restricted. Thus, I believe I've exceeded that number so that I'm limited to any further useable research, for now.

This could be taken further using multiple logins or more, so that at least we could ascertain what pages are initially blocked. But, that's more time than this blogger is ready to put in at this time in the week.