Good Eats is a show on the Food Network that just deserves a strong following. It's way more useful than G4 TV, which may be, if you were prone to argue on this point, marginally better than NBC Germany's GigaTV

Good Eats is like a mix of Bill Nye Science Guy meets Ainsley Harriott. [By the looks of his website, by the way, Nye seems to have taken a stance on Intelligent Design.] Host Alton Brown takes a decidedly scientific twist on food preparation and continues the spirit of food fetishism that the Food Network thrives on. Brown, who is neither as attractive as Giada De Laurentiis, nor as in-your-face borderline annoying as Rachel Ray, holds the attention of a non-cook viewer through his antics and quirky explanations of such things as the starches found in different types of rice.

The show actually feels like a television show instead of something woven out of Julia Childs' apron. Time goes by quickly with clever than average beta waves engulfing the viewer. At the end of each show, I think I've learned something about food and how to cook it.

Check it out. Good Eats is on at 7 pm EST weekdays. You might even need your