Tech stocks aren’t very cool any more. The bubble burst a couple years back. Those champagne days are long gone. Still, technology is cooler than a lot of industries, just because it changes more rapidly than most.

We’ve mentioned a few companies over the past couple of months. Not many, but a few (Microsoft, Google, Apple, Palm) So here’s a chart of how those companies have done in the past three months, starting about three weeks before the kick off of this blog. We’ve also included the major indexes.

All the major indexes are barely in positive territory over the past 90 days. Microsoft is about even. Google is up more than 35% and Apple is up more than 30%. Palm is off about 17% over the same time. However, from its lows of about a week ago, the company has experienced a strong bounce.

What does this say about the industry? Let someone else figure that out.

Just thought you might like to know the numbers.

(By the way, Red Hat is up 70% since that time. Maybe I’ll use that distribution on my home pc.)