(This is part 2 of yesterday's post).

DameWare’s Mini Remote is an interesting little application – the install file is 9.3MB – that will let you access remotely access Windows computers. DameWare Mini Remote has long been in the Information Technology industry. I am unsure whether or not Mini Remote was at one time of DameWare’s only product – DameWare now has three products available on its website –, but Mini Remote is rarely referred to by its proper name. More commonly it’s just called DameWare, which is what we will do from here on.

Aside from being relatively small, as many of such remote programs are, DameWare is relatively fast and powerful. DameWare will allow you to adjust the display resolution, the time in between scans, the scan blocks and the compression level of the image coming from the host comptuer. These features come in mighty handy if you are running on a slow network. DameWare will let you connect to a computer, if you have the proper credentials, and it will actually install a host service on the host computer via a challenge-response action. Subsequently, you will not need to install the service again to connect to the same computer. You may also tell DameWare to uninstall the service once you have disconnected, or set it to manually or automatically start the next time it is called for.

Because DameWare works with older Windows operating systems, Dameware may be useful if you are still running some of these older operating systems. Admittedly, there is still a Windows NT server running in the server room where I work, even though it is no longer supported by Microsoft and I use DameWare to connect to it from my office. Using the same connection, albeit to different hosts, DameWare is slower to respond than Remote Desktop, but the slower response time is not so great that it makes DameWare tiresome to use.

Like Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection, DameWare will allow you to take control of the host computer and change settings or do whatever you want, from the comforts of a client workstation. DameWare will also act like an FTP agent and allow you to download files that are on the host computer, a feature Windows RDC does not have. Perhaps most importantly, DameWare allows for encryption of this data transfer for more secure downloads.

DameWare will also let you watch what is happening on the host computer, so you can spy on the activities of your co-workers, which some administrators are occasionally called on to do. If you plan on doing this, you may want to make sure that the DameWare icon does not appear in the host computers Taskbar. By default, the icon in the host computer’s taskbar changes colors when someone is connected to it.

DameWare, the company, offers the Mini Remote for a 30-day free trial. The program costs $89.95.