SyncToy might be the best known of Microsoft’s PowerToys, but there are a few other useful tools and Alt-Tab Replacement is one of these. (FYI: PowerToys are Windows XP only programs that have been developed by MSFT since Windows XP was released. PowerToys are free, but unsupported.)

Alt-Tab Replacement improves the functionality of the Alt-Tab command that allows users to quickly switch between windows or programs running in Microsoft Windows. Alt-Tab has its usefulness for those who are either very busy, or just want to keep their boss from seeing, as he walks by their desk, that they are searching, or playing solitaire.

Alt-Tab Replacement replaces the icon only with icons and thumbnails of the program, so that the user knows exactly to what they are switching. If you’re like me, you frequently have four or five Internet Explorer windows open at any given time. Knowing where you are in each browsing session, thus, can be useful. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about. (Oh, and by the way, installing Alt-Tab Replacement doesn’t require a reboot.)