Below are some highlights from the OneCare Beta Chat that took place on December 14, 2005. I’ve made the full transcript available for download. (And check out our review of OneCare.)

Microsoft typically hosts these chats in order to get feedback on the product and the beta process from the large number of participants. The dialogue is of the Microsoft experts who may be designers, programmers or marketing guys, repeating one of many questions thrown at them in order to reply to it.

Neeraj_WOC_Team (Expert):
Q: Since many users will have protected music as part of backups, will One Care back up the DRM folder by default? I think this is a necessary feature as the DRM folder is a hidden folder and is easily overlooked.
A: OneCare currently does not back up DRM licenses. Thanks for the feedback

Neeraj_WOC_Team (Expert):
Q: how will MS anitspyware and WOCL play together? are they going to beseparate and ala carte based products?
A: WOC and Microsoft Defender will play well togehter. We are currently working on decide the best mechanism for them to work

Luke Abrams (Moderator):
Q: Will OCL be able to back-up to iPods used an external HDD? Because it cannot do so right now, adn thats a bit more convenient than DVD’s.
A: that is the gameplan – there are some issues right now with iPods, but we are working to resolve quickly

Luke Abrams (Moderator):
Q: Are there plans to let WOC backup to an INTERNAL hard drive?
A: Not at this time – see my post on this in the forums @

eeraj_WOC_Team (Expert):
Q: Will the next release provide a more flexible tune-up scheduling, such as, daily?
A: I am currently working on figuring out how to make tune-up scheduling better for our future version. More flexibility is certainly one of the featues we are considering. Our goal is to make it so good that you do not have to think about scheduling at all:) No promises though 🙂

Neeraj_WOC_Team (Expert):
Q: I think if it is to be the complete package, Antispyware and a Registry Cleaner should be integrated into WOC. Do you plan on doing this?
A: We are currently evaluating adding a registry cleaner for a future version. No promises at this point though 🙂

ck Brewster (Expert):
Q: Will OneCare ever have an option to choose a scan on demand when a USB drive, floppy, etc, is attached or inserted?
A: That’s a good idea.