My partner has two Macs, a Mac Cube and a Powerbook, and a Sony Clie, a TJ37. Since she replaced her old Windows laptop with the Powerbook, the Clie has been lying dormant. Having watched me try a number of times to get her Palm desktop to synchronize with the Clie using Palm's Hot Sync Manager, she had little hope for using the Clie again and had gone so far as to buy a pocketbook calendar. (Paper! Can you imagine my horror and disdain?)

There is plenty of information in the wilds of the Internet that says the Palm/Mac sync is a difficult one. Although I knew this, I thought I could overcome it. In the end, it wasn't possible or worth it. After all, iCal and Address Book are superior in my opinion to Palm Desktop and with a .Mac account a user can send data whizzing about in the ether and miraculously have synchronized calendars and contacts on numerous devices.

So, we bought The Missing Sync from Mark/Space. After downloading The Missing Sync, installation was straightforward. I made sure in advance the Mac didn't have Palm Desktop or Hot Sync Manager, even though this precaution was irrelevant since the cd that came with the Clie a year or so ago does not have support for a Mac and Palm has made it near impossible to download Palm Desktop without registering a Palm device.

The Missing Sync works remarkably similar to the Hot Sync Manager, for those familiar with it. TMS, however, has a better interface, looking more like an Apple application and is easier to understand. TMS syncs iTunes, iPhoto, Address Book, iCal and selected folders, in addition to the existing Palm OS conduits (Entourage, Documents to Go, Quicken, etc.). This means a user doesn't have to switch over to Palm Desktop in order to use a Palm and a Mac — a serious advance over a couple of years ago. In doing so, TMS actually makes the use of a Palm and a Mac more enjoyable than the use of a Palm and a PC.

TMS also features a sync reminder that can be set up to remind you to sync your device every few days/weeks/months, whatever.

TMS is really great. It's $39.95, which isn't cheap, but even on a tight budget, it's worth it!