There are tasks at a job that one happily has to do fairly infrequently, but frustratingly the infrequency of those tasks often leads one to forget how to do them. Setting up the preference order for Contact Lists in Outlook is just one of these infrequent, frustrating tasks. (Trying to find the correct words in Microsoft Office Help is like another of these tasks and grappling with the first task usually brings about the second.) So, here’s how to do it:

First, click on the Address book in the Standard Toolbar of Outlook.

(If there is no Address Book where Outlook is set to look, you’ll receivean error here. Click Ok. This will soon be corrected.)

Next, under the Tools menu select Options. This will bring up the Addressing window.

In the Addressing Window, simply use the pull down menu under “Show this address list first” to set Outlook to the desired Address Book.

In the window at the bottom, you can set the primary automated look up order, too.

Nice, huh?