Working with Aladdin’s eToken is usually fairly simple. However, it’s not impossible to run into problems with them. Most often, however, the problem has to do with local or domain-level security or service settings.

One of the most common problems is the computer will fail to recognize that there is an eToken installed, but the eToken will appear, via the red LED, to be activated and to be receiving power. In such an instance, the error “Cannot initialize eToken.dll” may appear, or if you are using signatures in Outlook, the error “One or more parameters are incorrect” may appear.

Although the eToken is not technically a smart card, the Smart Card service on the computer must be set to Enabled or Automatic in order for the eToken to work properly. Reinstalling the Run Time Environment will not fix the problem. In fact, attempting to do so will only bring up errors in the installation process. The eToken Notification Service is dependent on the Smart Card Service.

To change the settings on the Smart Card, simply go to Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. Browse down to the Smart Card service and click on it. This will bring up the Properties window. From the Start Up Type pull-down menu choose Automatic or Enabled. Click on the Start button to start the service. The eToken Notification Service will likely be already set to Automatic or Enabled.

If the computer is operating within an Active Directory domain, it is quite possible that the settings for the Group Policy also have the Smart Card service disabled. Change that as well to ensure that the next time Group Policy settings are pushed to the computer the service isn’t shut off.