There are a number of ways to run a batch (.bat) file. Quite commonly, batch files are set in a startup file on a server for a domain member in order to “invisibly” run utilities that install or map various drives. In such situations, the .bat file runs automatically. (We’ll look at these situations and how to configure .bat files in a later posting.) Sometimes, batch files are just sitting on a CD, or a directory, as they are in the Service Pack 3 update for Microsoft Windows SQL 2000, and they need to be run in order for the update to be performed.

Well, then, how does one execute a .bat file?

Well the easiest way, perhaps, is Start -> Run -> filepath\filename. Click Ok.

But a just as easy method is:
1. Open up the window with the batch file. (In SQL 2000 SP3 Update the .bat file is called setup, which is located on the primary level of the cd.)
2. Click on the file you want to run (see figure below).

3. Open up the Start -> Run Window
4. Drag and drop the .bat file that you want to run into the Open field, here (see figure below)Windows will automatically populate the field with the path. Click Ok.