Back in November I wrote a quick review of 1&1 hosting. 1&1 does not pass muster. But, ICDSoft is an example of a hosting company that does. I'll look at ICDSoft in comparison to the 1&1 review ("Bad Hosts").

This is my second experience with ICDSoft. Last time, I didn't do much with the site I created. I only put together a few pages and basically let them sit there. Currently, I'm in the process of building a more complex and compelling site for a client.

Unlike some other companies, ICDSoft does not advertise much in major publications. I have no idea how I initially found them, other than when I was looking for a host a couple of years ago, I'd just been to Hong Kong. So I might have Googled them.

ICDSoft has two hosting facilities — one in Hong Kong, which I used on my first site and the second in Waltham, MA (USA), where the current site is hosted.

For the personal package ICDSoft is very cheap. They sell hosting in 1 or 2 year contracts. If you wish to buy a domain from them it's $5/yr extra. For this, ICDSoft provides:
500MB storage
7GB traffic
2 MySQL databases
Unlimited Email Accounts

Upon signing up for an account, you get an email that includes confirmation of your order, links to the "Control Panel" for your website, a user name and a password. The user name can be changed, as can the password. Moreover, you can setup various accounts that can access the control panel and the website management quickly and easily.

Easy FTP
Uploading and downloading files to your website is a breeze. Moreover, the File Manger in the control panel is really easy to work with.

Site Statistics
They're great. Totally useful in finding out how many people are visiting your site and when. Not as good as Google Analytics, but very good.

Design Tools
Some hosting companies provide design tools. These tools are really just hooks to make you interested. You aren't going to get Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash or FrontPage in these freebies. You'll get the same freeware and shareware tools that you get on the internet, except for slightly older versions, since they've been burned on a cd. ICDSoft doesn't bother with this.

Responsive Customer Service
ICDSoft seems to offer only two different options for hosting. Customers have their choice of where their site hosting will be located, either in Hong Kong or outside of Boston. Customer service is likely in Hong Kong. No one is a big fish, based on only having single domain. As a result, when you email them, they email you back quickly. Actually, amazingly fast. They have a one-hour response guarantee. (With other companies, I've waited on hold nearly that long.) 24-7. (I've got great responses while working in Europe and in the U.S.)

Quick Uptime
Buy a website from ICDSoft and the holding page will be up within a few hours. It's as good as Yahoo Business, if not better. And far cheaper. Pricing at ICDSoft has gone up recently, but it's still worth it.

This website is now an affiliate of ICDSoft in order to attempt to generate some revenue so that we can afford our own hosting, someday, and at any point we receive any thing whatsoever, we'll also donate to oxfam. If you wish to support us, please click on the logo to the left, before you buy.

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