Over the last I watched my web traffic fall off the face of the cliff. In part, it’s because I wasn’t doing anything, but also my Google rankings were falling quickly and I couldn’t figure out why. So I started digging around.

Yes, I had stopped updating my technorati account and telling it that I’d made updates to the blog. But, Blogger was supposed to be doing that anyway. I visited Technorati, clicked Update Ping and then went to Feedburner to set up an RSS feed. (Blogger uses Atom, an older RSS feed. I didn’t think that was working for my website either.)

When I checked into Feedburner and asked it to create an RSS feed for Administer IT, it informed me it couldn’t. Feedburner said that its inability to create a feed might be due to a number of factors including the usage of Microsoft Word to create some blogs. When I thought about it, I realized there were a number of times recently that I had created a blog in Word and then copied the text into Blogger, circumventing the Blogger for Word tool that I’d installed for whatever reason.

Feedburner identified the problems as orginating from the XML that Word puts into files. I searched through my posts and found three postings that included these characters, the first of which dated to the beginning of my falling rankings. After removing the insidious XML tags, my feeds started functioning again.

I hope y’all come back now. I believe that the more information available about IT and how to solve the many problems an administrator or user faces, helps us all.