If you want to save a few seconds starting up that computer of yours, or you just are sick of watching the Windows XP screen and its progress bar, you can disable it all together. Here's how it's done.

Click on Start and then click on Run. In the blank field type in msconfig and click Ok.

This brings up the MSConfig utility, which monitors such things as the boot sequence, startup programs and services.

Within the MSConfig utility, click on the BOOT.INI tab. At the bottom of this tab there is a section entitled Boot Options. Place a check next to /NOGUIBOOT and click Close.


(Tip: Do not play around with the BOOT.INI, if you don't know what you're doing. Shutting off the Windows boot screen is safe, some other functionalities on this tab, however, may be necessary for Windows to load properly.)

The next time you load Windows you shouldn't see boot screen again.