Tonight Meg Whitman, CEO of Ebay, will give a talk at the Ebay Developers Conference in Las Vegas. She may have something to say about Skype, the Estonian company that Ebay acquired in the September '05 for a modest 2.6 billion dollars. 

What Ms. Whitman will say about Skype is anybody's guess. Some are suspecting that there will be a Skype Browser, in which auctions will appear and more can happen than just VoIP calls. I'm thinking that it might be fun to have the last 5 minutes of an auction on audio–the old school way. With a auctioneer and gavel, or some such.

Whatever the case, I perceive that eBay needs to drive up demand right now. There seems to be plenty of supply, but I don't seem to see the same amount of bids per offering that were seen a couple of years ago.

We'll see what Whitman says tomorrow morning. The press seems to be eagerly awaiting an announcement.