Ok. Next time you install Windows XP, and you may have to for at least the next 6-8 months, you can play games such as pinball or solitaire, on the machine you’re doing the install, to help you pass the time. (Appareently this works for Vista, too.)

How can you do this? At the point when Windows says it is “Copying Files” hit SHIFT-F10 to bring up the command prompt.

At the command prompt, type (hitting return at the end of each line, of course):
cd \
cd “Program Files”
cd “Windows NT”
cd Pinball
Why can you do this? Well, because Microsoft realized some and administrators may need to use the command line during the installation process, in order to deploy hooks and options (e.g. to bring up Add/Remove programs type inappwiz.cpl) , they added that capability. Then, as Windows XP installs, the code is put on to the hard disk in batches, according to the program, instead of randomly. And the games get installed relatively early.