It’s not exactly a dharmic teaching, but the belief in “what goes around, comes around” has certainly visited Rambus today.

Back in the day, Rambus, helped set the industry standards for RAM. When it did so, it had patents out for some of the technologies that were included in the standard. Everyone knew this in one way or another, but an FTC Administrative law judge in 2004 said it wasn’t the case, for whatever reason. Now the FTC has overturned that decision and Rambus faces penalties.

End of story? Well, no. You may have heard about Rambus filing suits against memory chipmakers for, coincidently, using Rambus patents to meet the industry standards.

Let’s take for example:

Naneon and Infineon
Micron, Hynix and Siemens

And the lawsuits go on and on and on. Sounds like an SCO business plan!