Alright. The world is ending. I’m tired of giving my blog the silent treatment. And Internet Explorer 7 is expected to be pushed out to all Windows Update and Microsoft Update subscribers tonight.

Can I just say that IE 7 was kind of a bear to deal with when blogging because of the safety features? Oh well. I’ve committed now. I’ll continue to show Lebenzeichen.

AWW! Crapola. IE 7 doesn’t come with tonight’s smorgasbord. Rather it’s coming later in October. or something.


I’ve been playing around with Tor and Vidalia for a while now. Tor is a tool for hiding browsing information and Vidalia is the management tool for the “onion skin” routers that one bounces through when using Tor.

The Tor/Vidalia and, now, Torpark, remind me a little bit of TriangleBoy, which was a tool developed in the to anonymously surf the web. TriangleBoy was developed with money from the NSA.

Anyway, Torpark is really cool in that it is less of a hassle than Tor/Vidalia bundle. I will give a more thorough review later, but for now there seems to be a few sites that have picked up on its release.

Work is done. Time to relax with a cold beer and a movie.

Microsoft demonstrated its new HD DVD player for the XBox 360. They showed off some of the GUI and even gave a price range…somewhere under $500.

2600‘s summer 2006 edition contains these highlights:

  1. An interesting article on account security on T-mobile and Cingular phones;
  2. Ways to get downloads from Warner Brothers Records, legally;
  3. Facebook hacking;
  4. How to get around GPOs on Windows machines;
  5. How to bypass the program security (i.e., MCX) in Mac OS X.

At Black Hat 2006, David Maynor and John Ellch showed off wireless hacking of a MacBook. Windows and Linux also show vulnerabilities, of course, but attacking a Mac was just too tempting, apparently.

There’s a video of the demo on the site. And a follow up post.

Received this two days ago from Microsoft:
“We are pleased to announce that build 5472 of Windows Vista is available for your testing!  This build contains numerous fixes since build 5456 and demonstrates significant progress on customer feedback since Beta 2.  Most notably a new Nvidia driver has fixed many reported issues and recent changes should provide improved Windows Media Center performance.  You should be aware though that this is an interim build and while significant testing is always done, it has not undergone the rigorous testing that Beta 2 did.  We believe that most people will find this build improved but as with any interim you may encounter issues we do not yet know about.  Please move up to this build from any previous build and tell us about any problems you encounter.”

What we ask that you do with this build:

Upgrade Beta 2 – Beta 2 to RC1 will be a supported scenario.  We need your help finding bugs we need to fix that may impact our TAP customers that have deployed Beta 2 and the Preview Program users who may upgrade.  We do not ask, nor do we recommend, that you upgrade any other build besides Vista Beta 2 or Windows XP to this build.”

Ok. I’m a bit of a geek. I admit to having played Halo and Halo II. I’ve not made it all the way through yet, although I intend to get through Halo II this weekend, after a 6 month hiatus.

I just found Halo Zero which is a fan’s game. It’s kind of like Halo meets Pitfall.

It’s a neat concept. For PCs only.

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